The Everyday Details team offers a wide range of services including cleaning, organizing, transportation, errand assistance, and meal preparation.

Our mission is to provide our services to all, regardless of financial capacity, so subsidized rates are available upon request.

Cleaning Services

Ranging from light to hazardous cleaning, Everyday Details is well equipped to help our clients recover and maintain clean and healthy living spaces.

Cleaning services are charged based on the following intensities of cleaning:

Light Cleaning

– straightening
– vacuuming
– light dusting
– emptying trash cans
– same-day dishes

Medium Cleaning

– mopping floors
– counter wipe-down
– heavy dusting
– bed-making
– scrubbing showers

Heavy Cleaning

– deep cleaning of neglected spaces
– stain removal
– fronts of cabinets
– dusting window blinds

Hazardous Cleaning

– cleaning where hazmat equipment and clothing is required

The Everyday Details team reserves the right to determine the intensity of cleaning required bring the space up to a good living standard.

Add-On Cleaning Services*


Laundry (cost/load)

Indoor Window Cleaning (ground level only, <10 windows)

Blinds Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Refrigerator Cleaning

*add-ons for customers purchasing other services

Transportation and Errand Assistance

We can provide transportation assistance by driving our clients around town to errands and appointments.

” Our community is heavily impacted by public transportation. Since the bus system has changed, you might have to get up two or three hours earlier just to catch the bus, then go downtown, sit and wait for another bus. Instead we can pick people up, take them directly to their appointments, and then take them home right after. Having access to transportation really helps out.”

Jennifer Poore, Everyday Details Co-Founder and Worker-Owner

Meal Preparation and Other Services

Our team can assist clients with cooking healthy, nutritious food. Additionally, we can help with laundry, bill-paying, and even provide companionship.


Everyday Details offers our clients assistance in organizing houses, systems, paperwork, files and records, furniture, etc. Appointments can range from a few hours straightening up a small room to several days to work on a cluttered office or garage. Our starting rate is $50/hour plus supplies, but we reserve the right to charge a daily rate for large or unusual jobs.

CANCELLATION POLICY : A $50 fee will be added if an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.